Teaser for Vintage Wedding Shoot inspired by Water for Elephants

This is a little hype for a vintage wedding shoot I was just a part of. Make sure to subscribe or follow us to check out the full edit when it is done!

Update: The full edit is out! A Vintage Wedding Vignette

Teaser Reel for Rustic Red Studio

This edit is for a wedding show we are attending tomorrow Sunday the 17th of April.

It has various weddings we've shot this past year and some from weddings we haven't put up yet.

Additionally there is some footage in there from a shoot we did with the Magic Lantern T2i Hack. After shooting a full day with the firmware hack applied, we will definitely be using it full time on all our shoots. More on that later...

Oh also I hope you enjoy the end title sequence, that was a first for me and I think it turned out better than I was expecting.

P.P.S. I touched up the animated logo at the front, added anamorphic flare, changed the lighting, did a slow camera push and adjusted the dust. When I get more time, I'll hopefully finish my vision for it.

Let me know what you think, its a bit edgy for a wedding teaser.

Ardina and Chris Highlight

Ardina and Chris were a pleasure to work with and I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to capture their day for them.

Where do I even begin with this one? This edit was one of the most fun liberating edits I've done in a long time. Not to say that I don't enjoy the other edits that I've done in the past. They are all unique and I pour the same amount of effort into each and every one. However, this edit took a different spin.

Two things happened technically to make this edit come out the way it did. First, I started experimenting with true slow-motion. And by "true" I mean I had to decided while I was shooting, to change settings in the camera. So with some sick looking slow-motion, I couldn't have your typical wedding song which leads me to the second thing that happened. When Ardina and Chris sent over some song choices, one stood out amongst the rest. Needless to say, I had to do something a little different.  Read more...

Jessica and Shyd Wedding Highlights

Jessica and Shyd were married at The Immaculata in San Diego, California. This was by far the most theatrical wedding we have done so far. The entire wedding part was a tightly nit group of friends that made the day memorable as well as fun.

Jessica and Shyd were both in dance together in college, which is where they actually met. Needless to say they had their first dance figured out! The reception introduced two cultural dances that the entire wedding party took part in. Several times during the reception, literally everybody was out of their seats either dancing around their tables or out on the dance floor. Jessica and Shyd have people surrounding them that enjoyed celebrating their marriage in a visually astounding way.

We wish the the best and we hope you can enjoy this glimpse into the day that Jessica and Shyd became one.

Ami and Todd Wedding at St. Regis Hotel

Ami and Todd had their wedding at the extravagantly beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, California.

This was our first Indian wedding to shoot and it was jam packed with fun and festivities. I guess normal Indian weddings span over several days. This one was all done in single day. Needless to say there was more than enough amazing events to capture.

Todd was taller than average and Ami was delicately small. While this made for an extremely cute couple, it provided a small challenge that we hadn't run into before, getting them in the same frame. There were several shots that were unusable because his or her head were cut off. We had to either quickly step back, or if there wasn't enough room we had to switch lenses.  Read more...

Katy and Jonny Wedding Short Film

Katy and Jonny were married at the Casa Romantica in San Clemente, CA. The entire location was a historical house built in 1927 with an amazing view. When I walked into the house I was overwhelmed with the urge to shoot literally everything.

Katy is very detail oriented and had the day planned out in every way imaginable. She was very hands on with all the setting up and it really paid off, the place looked incredible. Jonny's brother was a sea Captain and thusly was able to officiate over his little brothers wedding. The day was truly amazing from start to finish.

If you haven't noticed, this is one of several short films that we've been putting up on the site recently. They are around twice as long as the highlight films and cover the entire day. I really enjoy editing this and showing the incredible emotion that goes on during a wedding day. I hope you guys enjoy them and be on the look out for many more soon!

Liz and Al Wedding: Bagpipes + Double Decker Bus

Liz and Al were married in the beautiful hills of Rancho Sante Fe. The estate was immaculately groomed to perfection for the event.

We received a call from our favorite coordinator Mary Noble of Mary Noble's Classic Weddings saying she had a wedding that needed a videographer so she called us. My wife and I drove down to Rancho Sante Fe to meet with the couple in her parents home. As we were getting closer to the house, the area started to look real familar. Then to my surprise as we were pulling up in the drive way I looked across the street and it was where we had just done Monica and Sean's Wedding not too long before!  Read more...

Monica and Sean Wedding

Monica and Sean were married in Rancho Santa Fe at her father's beautiful estate. Even though the entire day was well planned and detail oriented, it had an air of simplicity and innocence.

Both Monica and Sean were easy to work with and it made the day go smoothly. To top off the day, there was a live band, mind blowing food, and amazing pool float decorations. I really enjoyed filming the day and editing this short film. Enjoy!

Sherry and Jed Wedding at Laguna Cliffs Resort

Sherry and Jed were married at the Laguna Cliffs Resort in Dana Point, California.

They were both amazing to work with and a joy to be around. The entire day was relaxed and had a calm atmosphere.

The highlight of the photoshoot was getting to use a local family's volleyball net to take some sweet pictures of the wedding party.

During the reception we slipped out and went down to the beach during sunset for some last minute shots.

Congrats to the couple!

Photographers: Sweet Monday Photography

Sunny and Nik Wedding at Andaz Hotel in San Diego

Sunny and Nik were married at the amazing Andaz Hotel in San Diego California. The day was simply beautiful from start to finish, a relaxing, low-stress wedding. Sunny and Nik were a fun couple and pleasure to work with. I'm glad that we had the opportunity record their wedding day.

The bridal party got ready in a spectacular suite that was adorned with decor that just added to the picturesque day. From the awe-inspiring lobby to the unfinished brick walls that screamed modern urban design, they picked the perfect location to get married. The ceremony itself was placed on top of the hotel looking out to the city beneath it.

At the end of the day, after all that took place, what really mattered was that Sunny and Nik were now married!