Goli and Pejman Wedding at the Nixon Library

Goli and Pejman were married at the beautiful Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. Goli and Pejman were one of the nicest couples that I've ever met. They were so friendly that by the end of the day it felt like I had know them for a long time. The ceremony was a traditional Persian wedding that was beautifully carried out. Both Goli and Pejman started the ceremony by dancing their way in. The dancing continued non-stop with all the guests from the grand entrance to the last dance. These people know how to celebrate a wedding.

This was the first wedding in which I shot with the Canon Rebel T2i. In fact the only lenses I had for it was the stock lens that came with it, 17-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and a 28mm f1.8 It was only used about half and half with my other Panasonic cameras.

Wendy and Van Wedding in Malibu, CA

Wendy and Van were married on the Point Dume beach in Malibu, California. This day was a very fun event for us. Wendy and Van were both very pleasant and fun to be around.

When we met Wendy and Van for the first time, the really liked the older jazz feeling for their wedding. You can really see the old feel in all of Wendy's dresses.

The major challenge for this wedding was the actual ceremony. We were literally right on the water's edge. Just 20' past the wedding party were waves that were coming in. In addition to being right on the edge of the water, it was amazingly windy and cold. Sand and sea water were spraying everywhere, but the ceremony went smoothly and it turned out to be a beautiful wedding.

In the end I really like this piece and I think it fits the couple perfectly.

Marilyn and Moony's Wedding at Strawberry Farms

Marilyn and Moony's wedding at Strawberry Farms Golf Course in Irvine, California was by far the most unique and emotional wedding of which I've ever been to.

Unlike many of our weddings, this was small, intimate, and simple, but with an emotional twist.

Marilyn and Moony were scheduled to be married in Las Vegas, but Marilyn's father, Patrick, had cancer and the condition was getting worse and he had to be flown to Hong Kong to get proper treatment. Because he was going to be in Hong Kong, he was going to miss his daughter's wedding. Marilyn and Moony moved the wedding date to the 2nd of October and changed to Strawberry Farms Golf Club. A few weeks before the wedding, Patrick's conditioned worsened. They decided to get married even sooner with only a few friends and family members present. Patrick was able to attend before being flown to Hong Kong.  Read more...

Andrea and Scott's Wedding at The Lodge

Andrea and Scott's wedding was at The Lodge, a beautiful resort set on a golf course. From sunshine, to fog, back to sun, then back to fog, this day was unpredictably amazing. We had a great time at this wedding. Andrea and Scott were such a pleasure to work with and for. They are both beautiful people and they're happiness is contagious. Andrea was such a riot that I found myself laughing almost constantly. She was so sweet and was even concerned for ME the day of her own wedding!
The Lodge is such a gorgeous location and it fit the couple perfectly. When the fog rolled in you could smell the ocean. The event was photographed by the Bauman Photography Crew. The whole day was like a party, from beginning to end. We even found ourselves dancing as we left!
Like I said, we had such an amazing time at this wedding. It's definitely one that we won't soon forget!

Chelsea and Andrew Wedding at Sherwood Country Club

Chelsea and Andrew's wedding was at Sherwood Country Club in the beautiful hills of Thousand Oaks, California. We had an awesome time at this wedding! It was so beautiful.  Read more...