Paris and Hani Wedding at Nixon Library

Paris and Hani were married at beautiful Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California and we were blessed to be a part of their day.

To state upfront, Paris and Hani held God in their relationship and you can clearly see that they have a bond between them that differs from most. Working with couples that have a deeper sense of love for each other always inspires me to be a better husband and father to my children. Not to stray to far from the blog at hand, but part of why I enjoy so much working in the wedding industry is that it is a constant reminder of that sense of intimate connection and pure joy that couples have when first married.  Read more...

Ardina and Chris Highlight

Ardina and Chris were a pleasure to work with and I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to capture their day for them.

Where do I even begin with this one? This edit was one of the most fun liberating edits I've done in a long time. Not to say that I don't enjoy the other edits that I've done in the past. They are all unique and I pour the same amount of effort into each and every one. However, this edit took a different spin.

Two things happened technically to make this edit come out the way it did. First, I started experimenting with true slow-motion. And by "true" I mean I had to decided while I was shooting, to change settings in the camera. So with some sick looking slow-motion, I couldn't have your typical wedding song which leads me to the second thing that happened. When Ardina and Chris sent over some song choices, one stood out amongst the rest. Needless to say, I had to do something a little different.  Read more...

Jessica and Shyd Wedding Highlights

Jessica and Shyd were married at The Immaculata in San Diego, California. This was by far the most theatrical wedding we have done so far. The entire wedding part was a tightly nit group of friends that made the day memorable as well as fun.

Jessica and Shyd were both in dance together in college, which is where they actually met. Needless to say they had their first dance figured out! The reception introduced two cultural dances that the entire wedding party took part in. Several times during the reception, literally everybody was out of their seats either dancing around their tables or out on the dance floor. Jessica and Shyd have people surrounding them that enjoyed celebrating their marriage in a visually astounding way.

We wish the the best and we hope you can enjoy this glimpse into the day that Jessica and Shyd became one.

Ami and Todd Wedding at St. Regis Hotel

Ami and Todd had their wedding at the extravagantly beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Dana Point, California.

This was our first Indian wedding to shoot and it was jam packed with fun and festivities. I guess normal Indian weddings span over several days. This one was all done in single day. Needless to say there was more than enough amazing events to capture.

Todd was taller than average and Ami was delicately small. While this made for an extremely cute couple, it provided a small challenge that we hadn't run into before, getting them in the same frame. There were several shots that were unusable because his or her head were cut off. We had to either quickly step back, or if there wasn't enough room we had to switch lenses.  Read more...

Kim and Kevin Wedding

Kim and Kevin Wedding at Green River Golf Club in Corona, CA.

Kim and Kevin were a delight to work with. Their calm and collected personalities made every moment natural. The sunset melted in with the green back drop of the golf course, making the day especially beautiful. The two reminded us of what a wedding day means.

Interestingly enough, we saw Kim and Kevin at a recent wedding we shot where Kim was a bridesmaid. When we first ran into them that day, they both asked how my son was doing, as he was born one week after their wedding. Then later that night they both seemed ecstatic when they informed us of their expected child, which explained the glow we saw around Kim the entire day. We wish them both the best.

Sherry and Jed Wedding at Laguna Cliffs Resort

Sherry and Jed were married at the Laguna Cliffs Resort in Dana Point, California.

They were both amazing to work with and a joy to be around. The entire day was relaxed and had a calm atmosphere.

The highlight of the photoshoot was getting to use a local family's volleyball net to take some sweet pictures of the wedding party.

During the reception we slipped out and went down to the beach during sunset for some last minute shots.

Congrats to the couple!

Photographers: Sweet Monday Photography

Erica and Michael's Wedding at The Dana on Mission Bay

Erica and Michael's Wedding at The Dana on Mission Bay was a day to remember.

From the decor to the location, Erica and Michael had a wedding that spoke volumes of who they are. The wedding had a very intimate feel to it. With this particular edit, I slowed it down and focused on the interaction and intimacy that Erica and Michael seemed to naturally share.

Dawn Mitschele, a friend of the couple, not only provided the music for the ceremony, but also had live music during the reception, and even wrote a song for them. These "love birds" even had a cake to match. We were truely honored to be apart of this memorable celebration.

The song "Kiss You" was used with permission by Dawn Mitschele http://www.dawnmitschele.com/

Sunny and Nik Wedding at Andaz Hotel in San Diego

Sunny and Nik were married at the amazing Andaz Hotel in San Diego California. The day was simply beautiful from start to finish, a relaxing, low-stress wedding. Sunny and Nik were a fun couple and pleasure to work with. I'm glad that we had the opportunity record their wedding day.

The bridal party got ready in a spectacular suite that was adorned with decor that just added to the picturesque day. From the awe-inspiring lobby to the unfinished brick walls that screamed modern urban design, they picked the perfect location to get married. The ceremony itself was placed on top of the hotel looking out to the city beneath it.

At the end of the day, after all that took place, what really mattered was that Sunny and Nik were now married!

Lara and Taylor Wedding at Temecula Creek Inn

Lara and Talyor were married at the Temecula Creek Inn, in Temecula, California. The ceremony was set in a cozy little nook right next to an old creek followed by the reception on the lawn of an amazing old stone house.

This might be my favorite wedding to date because of how intimate and personal the wedding felt to even me, who before this day, didn't even know the couple. Lara had made sure all the details of the wedding were thoughtfully carried out and it all seemed perfectly at home with the location. There was even a two man band that played live cover music and even some original pieces. They were the best wedding band that I've ever heard and their style went hand in hand with the rest of the day. I'm so glad that I get to be a part of weddings like this, they always put a smile on my face.

Kim and Mark Wedding at Sherwood Country Club

Kim and Mark were married at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California. The day was gorgeously beautiful, plenty of sun, and perfect weather.

Kim started getting ready in a huge suite at the Westlake Village Inn. It was two stories with a spiraling staircase and a baby grand piano in the foyer! With the shock of the amazing suite gone, I got right to work filming the girls getting ready. The guys showed up later and Kim and Mark did a reveal before the ceremony.  Read more...