Kate and Dan Wedding Highlights

“Kate and Dan’s Marvelous Midwest Marriage”

Kate and Dan were married at the beautiful St. Ray’s Catholic Church in Joliet, IL. When Dan first contacted us we were super stocked to shoot outside of California. As beautiful as California can be, each and every other place around this country all hold a beauty of their own. And we love traveling around the country and capturing what each place has to offer.  Read more...

Karra and Joel Hawaii Wedding Trailer

“Karra and Joel’s Tropical Wedding Trailer”

Karra and Joel live in Hawaii. When they contacted us to shoot their wedding, to them it wasn't a destination wedding. They just happened to live on an amazingly beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say we said, "Yes, of course we would love to shoot your wedding!"  Read more...

Diana and Ian Wedding at the Prado in Balboa Park

“Diana and Ian’s Wedding Of Different Backgrounds”

Diana and Ian were married at the always beautiful Prado in Balboa Park, which is nestled right on the outskirts of downtown San Diego. Diana and Ian were amazing to work with and we are so incredibly happy and bless to have been a part of their big day!  Read more...

Jamie Lee and Ryan Wedding Trailer at The Hummingbird Nest Ranch

“Jamie Lee and Ryan’s Wedding Rich With Imagery”

Jamie Lee and Ryan were married at the breathtaking Hummingbird Nest in Santa Susana, California. With mind blowing views and landscapes, the Hummingbird Nest Ranch was the perfect backdrop to their day and Jamie Lee and Ryan really took advantage of the property to make lasting and beautiful memories.

Family and friends joined them in celebration and support. Love was definitely present that day. Jamie Lee and Ryan were awesome to be around. We are so blessed to have been a part of their day. Congrats to Jamie Lee and Ryan!  Read more...

Cara and Kai Wedding Trailer at the Admiral Kidd Club

“Cara and Kai’s Wedding With Honor, Courage, And Commitment”

Cara and Kai were married at the scenic Admiral Kidd Club in San Diego, California. With an amazing background of the San Diego skyline, Cara and Kai committed themselves to each other in front of family and friends.  Read more...

Jennifer and Marcus Wedding at the Darlington House

“Jennifer and Marcus’s Wedding Highlights at the Darlington House”

Jennifer and Marcus were married at the stunning Mary, Star of the sea church in La Jolla, California. They followed up the ceremony at the unique and gorgeous Darlington House. Both Jennifer and Marcus were fun to be around and we are so happy to give them this video of their day.  Read more...

Lauren and Scott Wedding Highlights

“Lauren and Scott’s Wedding With A Surprise Ending”

Lauren and Scott were married at the elegant Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. The day was both beautiful and flawless and at the end of the day Lauren and Scott went home a married couple!  Read more...

Miranda and Lucas Wedding Highlights

“Miranda And Lucas’ Wedding Captured In Full”

Miranda and Lucas were married at The Mitten Building
which has a very rustic industrial feel to it. Needless to say we were really happy to shoot there! Miranda is a long time friend of my wife's and she is also owns and operates her own photography company Miranda D Photography.  Read more...

Nardine and Paul Wedding Highlights

“Nardine And Paul’s Marriage Is Built Upon A Solid Foundation”

Nardine and Paul are a solid couple that have an amazing journey through life together ahead of them. We are so blessed to have been a part of their day and we are super excited to be able to show this video to all of you.  Read more...

Lusha and Rodion Wedding Highlights

“Lusha And Rodion’s Wedding Highlights Of A Different Kind”

Lusha and Rodion approached us with a unique request on how to shoot their wedding...they wanted it shot like the movie Cloverfield. Yup, you read that right. This video however is not entirely that. After much struggle and a lot of thought, I just couldn't make it work for their highlight video.

To some degree I find this edit more compelling than just the handheld point of view. Rather I took creative liberty and meshed the two different viewpoints and shooting styles to make something that I feel really captures the raw feelings and emotions of the day. Oh by the way this wedding took place at the beautiful Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos, California.  Read more...