Wendy and Van Wedding in Malibu, CA

Wendy and Van were married on the Point Dume beach in Malibu, California. This day was a very fun event for us. Wendy and Van were both very pleasant and fun to be around.

When we met Wendy and Van for the first time, the really liked the older jazz feeling for their wedding. You can really see the old feel in all of Wendy's dresses.

The major challenge for this wedding was the actual ceremony. We were literally right on the water's edge. Just 20' past the wedding party were waves that were coming in. In addition to being right on the edge of the water, it was amazingly windy and cold. Sand and sea water were spraying everywhere, but the ceremony went smoothly and it turned out to be a beautiful wedding.

In the end I really like this piece and I think it fits the couple perfectly.