Treasure and Cory Caribbean Wedding

“Treasure and Cory’s Destination Wedding in the Caribbean”

Treasure and Cory were our first couple to come to us asking us to shoot a destination wedding. Of course we were thrilled at the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in the Caribbean.

So Close Yet So Far

Treasure and Cory are both from Illinois, but didn't meet until they were living in the Caribbean. Treasure was in Vet school and Cory worked at the Marriot golf course.

...spending time with the people you love.

Even though they both live in San Diego now, they wanted there wedding to take place where they fell in love. Treasure worked so hard to make the week of celebration a magical and memorable one, and it definitely was!

Friends and family traveled from all over to St Kitts to celebrate with them. The week was about celebrating the love Treasure and Cory have for each other, but it was also about spending time with the people you love.

This wedding was definitely an adventure for Breezy and I, and I loved every minute of it! St Kitts is a beautiful island, and I really wish I could have been shooting the whole time we were there. We look forward to all the destination weddings we have the opportunity to shoot!

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