Tracey and Richard Wedding Highlights

“Tracey and Richard’s Wedding Highlights @ Highland Springs Resort”

Wow, just wow. There is basically no need for me to write anymore about this wedding and location, the edit tells it all. However, I do need to justify the pictures and cool formatting below. So I suppose I will write a bit more to keep your attention on this page a bit longer.

Tracey and Richard

Tracey and Richard are two of the most respectful people that I've had the pleasure of working with in a long time. It might be that they are both in the medical field and seem to have a lot of patience (no pun intended...maybe).

“Tracey and Richard are a solid couple that hold each other and God in high esteem.”

Whatever the reason is, Tracey and Richard are a solid couple that hold each other and God in high esteem.

I couldn't account for all the groomsmen, but it seemed that most of them if not all were also in the medical field, mostly based on the amount of medical jargon and humor that went over my head.

Tracey and her bridesmaids were in a whirlwind of getting ready when we arrived. But as things fell into place, things calmed down. Tracey might have had the coolest wedding shoes I've seen in a while, they were simple yet elegant sandals, perfect for the day.

Um...More Color Grading Usefulness

It seems as of late, every blog I post has some sort of section dealing with the color grading. Well add this blog to the pile because I'm not stopping until I grow tired of how incredible the color looks. Additionally every post has something that I've stumbled upon while grading the color...yup this one too.
In case you were wondering, each and every shot needs to be graded and adjusted separately.
Once I get the overall look nailed down (this usually takes much longer than necessary) I have to apply the effects to each clip then tweak a few things so that it matches the surrounding clips. My good friend Zach of Zach Hodges Photography helped me out with a little skin tone knowledge of shifting the hues to match different skin tones a bit better. This in turn seemed to make everything look just a tad better.


Drag the slider above in the picture to see a before and after of this video screenshot.

One of The Coldest Days

Simply put, I was not prepared. Now I'm going to let you in on a little know fact about myself. I hold the high honor in Boy Scouts of being an Eagle Scout. And I'm sure you have heard the Boy Scout Motto, "Be Prepared". In southern California, with the exception of winter, you can count on it being warm, if not hot. This day was the exception.

I don't recall the actual temperature, but with the addition of the also unusual strong wind, it was quite literally bone chilling. The ever looming dark clouds didn't help the situation either. But I do have to say the day went off without a hitch and without freezing rain pouring down, so it was a good day.

"Simply put, I was not prepared."

As the sun went down, the wind stopped and it actually warmed up a bit, but that didn't stop myself and all the guests from huddling around the portable heaters as the reception was 100% outdoors.

Highland Springs Resort
Highland Springs Resort I had never heard of it, but then again I don't get out much. This place was hands down my favorite venue that I've been to so far. It was so vast that I didn't have a chance to explore the entire property and every section of the area has a different feel and look to it. The coolest part of the venue is that you can have your ceremony/reception literary anywhere you want on the grounds. You can mix and match all the different locations to have a truly unique wedding.

If you have made it this far, I congratulate you on being probably one of the few that read the entire blog, besides myself and my wife who proof reads my work. Give yourself a pat on the back and let me know in the comments below if you think I should cut down on the text on these blogs.

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