Tracey and Richard Wedding Teaser

“Tracey and Richard’s wedding teaser. A prelude to something great.”

Every wedding we do is so vastly different from the next. I'm always amazed at the variations you can have for a wedding. And don't get me wrong, this isn't a complaint, its thankfulness that my job never gets boring! This is just a simple teaser for Tracey and Richard's wedding. It was located at the quite unique and amazing Highland Springs Resort in Beaumont, CA

Location, within a Location, within a Location

Not to drag this short blog out too much but the Highland Springs Resort is an adventure in itself. I could have walked around there for hours and hours shooting amazing scenery everywhere.

And get this, if you are getting married there, there isn't any one set location you have to have your ceremony...over there by that stump? Sure! Or how about over by that several hundred year old tree? Yup! I really enjoyed shooting there, and I can't wait to shoot there again.

“amazing scenery everywhere”

Oh and make sure to check out the work that Josselyn Peterson did with the photography!

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