Teaser Reel for Rustic Red Studio

This edit is for a wedding show we are attending tomorrow Sunday the 17th of April. weddingwiseshow.com

It has various weddings we've shot this past year and some from weddings we haven't put up yet.

Additionally there is some footage in there from a shoot we did with the Magic Lantern T2i Hack. After shooting a full day with the firmware hack applied, we will definitely be using it full time on all our shoots. More on that later...

Oh also I hope you enjoy the end title sequence, that was a first for me and I think it turned out better than I was expecting.

P.P.S. I touched up the animated logo at the front, added anamorphic flare, changed the lighting, did a slow camera push and adjusted the dust. When I get more time, I'll hopefully finish my vision for it.

Let me know what you think, its a bit edgy for a wedding teaser.