Susan and Paul Wedding Short Film

“Susan and Paul’s Wedding + Muckenthaler Mansion = Awesome”

Even though we shot a wedding just two weeks prior to this one at the Muckenthaler Mansion, this one is vastly different from the other. I would be daft if I said it weren't partly due to that we cater to our clients needs and shoot differently for each couple. The other part that plays a huge roll in the difference is the couple themselves and how the wedding goes. It just amazes me that we can shoot in the same location and have a different end product.

One Word...Hilarious
When I first met Paul, I don't think I was fully ready for how hilarious he was. Most everything that came from his general direction was laughably funny. But to his defense, Paul knew when it wasn't appropriate to be cracking jokes, especially on his wedding day. You could tell though, that Susan adored even the stupid jokes that Paul told, they definitely make a cute married couple.

Déjà vu

As I had already mentioned, we shot here not two weeks before this wedding. Additionally I had mentioned in the other post that my wife and I actually got married at the Muckenthaler Mansion. But the icing on the cake was that Zach of Zach Hodges Photography shot this wedding, but also shot our wedding. Needless to say, I was walking around not remembering if I was shooting the wedding or getting married. Ok maybe not, but it was causing some serious flashbacks!

This wedding all in all, was really heart felt, which is how a wedding should be...a roller coaster of emotions if you will. A handful of couples want to make sure we capture the high energy of the day, but 10, 20, 30 years from now they are going to really want to see the raw emotion that took place.

“...a roller coaster of emotions if you will.”

We do our best to capture what happens the day of the wedding. In most cases we get things that most people don't see, what they will want to remember a long time from now. And that is yet another thing that I like to think sets us apart.

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