Sanaz and Hugo Wedding Highlights

“Sanaz and Hugo’s Wedding...Go Big or Go Home”

Sanaz and Hugo were married at the grandeur Intercontinental Los Angeles, in Century City, California. The wedding to beat all weddings might very well describe Sanaz and Hugo's wedding. They were both a joy to work with and we are in awe of their love for each other.

Fond Memories

We first met Hugo almost 5 years ago at one of our very first weddings. Hugo was the best man at Chelsea and Andrew's wedding. And more recently we shot a video for him to propose to Sanaz with, aka, The Best Proposal Video Ever.

...a perfect example of how husbands should be treating their wives.

Hugo loves Sanaz, anybody that knows the two of them can see that very clearly, but what sets Hugo apart from most other guys is that he goes above and beyond the call of duty. I mean how epic is it to have your first look/revel on top of a hotel out on the helicopter pad overlooking Los Angeles? To follow that up, he had the USC marching band make a grand entrance right in the middle of the reception. Needless to say that was well received by all.

Hugo won't just say he'd do anything for Sanaz, he actually does it, and does it often. His love for her is a perfect example of how husbands should be treating their wives.

Hugo has come to be a friend to us and we look forward the the next exciting project he has cooked up for us!

Congrats to Sanaz and Hugo!

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