Paula and Adam Wedding Trailer

“Paula and Adam were married at the cozy Laguna Cliffs Resort and Spa in Dana Point, California.”

Every wedding we do is different. Even if it is at the same venue with the same vendors, with the same colors, and same theme, every wedding is different. Every couple has a different personality, they bring something different to the day. Paula and Adam were both laid back and relaxed about the day. They were just their to enjoy their time together with family and friends.

The Groom Or Not To Groom

The wedding day is supposed to be all about the bride. But what about after? Weeks, months, even years after that day a married couple will look back and think about their wedding and what will they remember?

but what about the groom...

I'd like to think that it would be about family, friends, the moments they had with each other before or after they were married. I often struggle with the edits, because there are so many different points of view that I can tell the story. Everybody knows that a bride gets emotional on her wedding day, but what about the groom, the tough guy, the "man" in the relationship? The day isn't "supposed" to be about him, he's just along for the ride right? But when times get tough, and they will, wouldn't it be reassuring to most to be able to look back and see how much love and affection you gave your wife on your wedding day?

Both Paula and Adam were amazing people with an amazing family. We really enjoyed shooting their wedding and getting to spend time with them. We hope everybody enjoys this edit as much as we have.

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