Nikki and Ryan Wedding at The Grand Del Mar in San Diego

“Nikki and Ryan’s Wedding at The Grand Del Mar”

Nikki and Ryan were married at The Grand Del Mar in San Diego. This wedding was a wedding to remember. Ryan kicked off the day by marrying the love of his life Nikki. The rest of the day went into full swing with an epic reception that had it all and so much more. There was even an artist painting a rendering of the reception and its best moments.

The Importance Of Dialogue

There is dialogue in 90% of this edit, without it, it would be a vastly different edit. The talking explains and conveys much of what is going on.

...curb your appetite for the amazing wedding videos that we have the pleasure of editing.

You learn who Nikki and Ryan are through other people's views of them, which quite frankly are usually more truthful than our image of ourselves. So when you get a roomful of people all saying some of the same things about you, you can pretty much bet that they are true. Both Nikki and Ryan have amazing family and friends that are in full support of the both of them. And both sides came together to celebrate the joining of Nikki and Ryan, saying nothing but positive comments both about them as individuals and as a couple.

Congratulations to Nikki and Ryan!

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