Marilyn and Moony's Wedding at Strawberry Farms

Marilyn and Moony's wedding at Strawberry Farms Golf Course in Irvine, California was by far the most unique and emotional wedding of which I've ever been to.

Unlike many of our weddings, this was small, intimate, and simple, but with an emotional twist.

Marilyn and Moony were scheduled to be married in Las Vegas, but Marilyn's father, Patrick, had cancer and the condition was getting worse and he had to be flown to Hong Kong to get proper treatment. Because he was going to be in Hong Kong, he was going to miss his daughter's wedding. Marilyn and Moony moved the wedding date to the 2nd of October and changed to Strawberry Farms Golf Club. A few weeks before the wedding, Patrick's conditioned worsened. They decided to get married even sooner with only a few friends and family members present. Patrick was able to attend before being flown to Hong Kong.

The scheduled wedding still took place for those family and friends that were not able to make the first wedding. During the wedding, we captured some of the family and friends giving good wishes to a speedy recovery to Marilyn's father to send to him. Just 12 days later, before we could get the footage to Marilyn, Patrick passed away.

I put this project on hold for a while because I wanted to edit this right. Normally the couple provides a good song choice or I spend some time running through songs to find the perfect match. With this highlight video, I really struggled, I needed something organic feeling, something some what serious, but at the same time happy. I came across "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson and I immediately knew this was the song I had to use. I wanted this edit to evoke some of the emotions I could only imagine Marilyn and Moony were going through that day. While the song has a sad tone to it, it also has a compellingly intimate and simple feel and I knew in my mind, that this was going to work.

After I finished the edit I sent it off to Marilyn to get her approval. She didn't really know how I was going to edit the piece, she only knew what song I was using and by itself, that song could be hard to grasp as a wedding highlight piece. I soon got a response from her that made me feel so proud to do what I do, because I know that for some reason I am supposed to do wedding cinematography. And if it was for the sole purpose of giving Marilyn this video, then I am relieved to say that I did my job.

Marilyn: "Moony and I finally had a chance to watch it (the preview highlight video) and it made me cry. A LOT. I think your decision to go in this direction was genius. It very much captured the emotions and mood that we were going through. As Moony put it... "Realistic in a bittersweet way." :)"

I hope to all who watch this, that you too, if only for a moment, get to experience the emotional journey that Marilyn and Moony went on the day of their wedding.