Maria and Sean's Wedding Highlights

“Maria and Sean’s Small Intimate Wedding”

We had the absolute pleasure of getting the opportunity to be a part of Maria and Sean's wedding. They were married on a cliff overlooking the ocean on a day that could not have been more perfect. The reception that followed was in a small intimate wine room at The Grand Del Mar. Though the wedding was small, it might have been the most personal wedding we have ever witnessed.


Getting married is a very personal event. Some choose to celebrate big and some opt for the small. There isn't a right or wrong way when choosing the size, its personal preference. of 13 people at the wedding.

Even though we've been involved with small weddings before, this one was a first for us. Including the photographer, the pastor, and myself, there were a total of 13 people at the wedding.

Normally I make it a point to never direct anybody during a wedding, but I was so blown away at the intimate ambiance at the reception that I broke my rule. I came up with general question that Sean's brother asked Maria and Sean. I wanted to showcase the family sitting around the dinner table celebrating this new marriage.

Congrats Maria and Sean!

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