Maria and Rick Wedding Teaser

“Maria and Rick’s Wedding Teaser Las Vegas Style”

Maria and Rick came to us just weeks before their wedding and asked if we could shoot it. Thankfully for both them and us, we didn't have the date booked yet. Due to a venue mishap in Las Vegas, Maria and Rick had to change not only the venue but also the date of their wedding which consequently threw off some of the vendors as they had previous weddings already booked on the new date. In the end it all worked out and Maria and Rick had a drop dead gorgeous wedding.

The Big Picture

I can't always show the internet crowd all the amazing footage that we edit here at Rustic Red Studio. I try my hardest to cater to the couple's first and sometimes that means that some of my amazing shots don't make the cut, because they just don't make sense in the edit. So in the case of this very short teaser, I can't possible show hardly any of the beautiful footage because it really doesn't make sense in the scope of this edit which is why I included a few pictures here in the blog. Needless to say, this was a really fun wedding and I look forward to showing Maria and Rick the final product.

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P.S. Make sure to check out Studio ATG from Las Vegas and their amazing photo skills of this wedding!