Lusha and Rodion Wedding Highlights

“Lusha And Rodion’s Wedding Highlights Of A Different Kind”

Lusha and Rodion approached us with a unique request on how to shoot their wedding...they wanted it shot like the movie Cloverfield. Yup, you read that right. This video however is not entirely that. After much struggle and a lot of thought, I just couldn't make it work for their highlight video.

To some degree I find this edit more compelling than just the handheld point of view. Rather I took creative liberty and meshed the two different viewpoints and shooting styles to make something that I feel really captures the raw feelings and emotions of the day. Oh by the way this wedding took place at the beautiful Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos, California.

Directing A Wedding

Something I never do is fully direct a wedding. Weddings aren't a production so to speak, they are real life and should be treated as such. The decisions I make and the things I say are in some part remembered in couples life because it is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

...the "handheld" shots were created by...

My approach is I'd rather capture what is happening, than to force something to happen just because it would look cool or beef up my portfolio. Sure during the photo shoot I might ask a couple to kiss or walk over here, but that is about it. Its my job to capture the day as it happens.

With this wedding however, that mostly went out the window, they asked me shoot differently which required a slightly different approach. I had to "sell" certain shots in order to make the whole thing work, so I had to prompt people to say a few things or do a few things. I hope to post the full edit soon you can really grasp what we were trying to achieve.

So in a nutshell, the "handheld" shots were created by me handing the camera to some of the wedding party. I had to give them a little direction, but I let them shoot what they thought was important.

Congrats to Lusha and Rodion for an amazing wedding!

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