Liz and Al Wedding: Bagpipes + Double Decker Bus

Liz and Al were married in the beautiful hills of Rancho Sante Fe. The estate was immaculately groomed to perfection for the event.

We received a call from our favorite coordinator Mary Noble of Mary Noble's Classic Weddings saying she had a wedding that needed a videographer so she called us. My wife and I drove down to Rancho Sante Fe to meet with the couple in her parents home. As we were getting closer to the house, the area started to look real familar. Then to my surprise as we were pulling up in the drive way I looked across the street and it was where we had just done Monica and Sean's Wedding not too long before!

Liz met Al while living in England. They chose to fly back to the states to be married in Liz's home town. The cultural blend was rich, everything from thick accents, bag pipes, and a classic double decker bus. We enjoyed every moment of the day, and were pleased to meet them both.