Lauren and Scott Wedding Highlights

“Lauren and Scott’s Wedding With A Surprise Ending”

Lauren and Scott were married at the elegant Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. The day was both beautiful and flawless and at the end of the day Lauren and Scott went home a married couple!

The End

So to be fair, I put the end at the beginning. So if you were waiting for the surprise at the end, you were probably disappointed. However, for those in attendance that night, the ending was definitely a surprise! were probably disappointed.

Admittedly that was the first time that we had experience In-N-Out at a wedding. I would highly recommend some sort of post wedding food for your guests to eat if you plan on having an after party or if you simply want to please your guests after the wedding!

Lauren and Scott were a joy to work with and we are so happy that were were able to be there for their big day.

Congrats to Lauren and Scott!

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