Lauren and Luke Wedding Highlights

“Lauren and Luke’s Family Focused Wedding”

Lauren and Luke are a force to be reckoned with. They both recognize the power of sharing their marriage not only with each other but with God. For with God not just in their marriage, but at the center of it, they will be unstoppable. Lauren and Luke compliment each other and where one is weak the other is strong. Their family and friends came out in full support and everybody enjoyed an amazing day filled with the pure joy of marriage.

Once Then Again

No matter how much we can prepare to shoot a wedding, there is always the unexpected. In a lot of cases the unexpected is a hurdle to overcome, it's seen as something to get past to arrive to the good stuff. But this wedding had different plans.

...there is always the unexpected.

The unexpected in this wedding was a sense of peace, of oneness with everybody in attendance.

From the ceremony, to the photo-shoot, to the reception, the entire day felt united. The reception felt like a big family party.

I suppose it's what it looked and felt like way way back in the day when an entire community would come together for a marriage. It was unique and special. And out of all the weddings I have shot, this is the first time that there was such a presence of true joy throughout everybody.

Congrats to Lauren and Luke!

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