Kim and Mark Wedding at Sherwood Country Club

Kim and Mark were married at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California. The day was gorgeously beautiful, plenty of sun, and perfect weather.

Kim started getting ready in a huge suite at the Westlake Village Inn. It was two stories with a spiraling staircase and a baby grand piano in the foyer! With the shock of the amazing suite gone, I got right to work filming the girls getting ready. The guys showed up later and Kim and Mark did a reveal before the ceremony.

The ceremony was officiated by a Jewish Rabbi and a Polish Catholic Priest, representing both of Kim and Mark's backgrounds. During the ceremony, the Rabbi was giving a brief moment of silence, "for those who were no longer there in body, but they were there in spirit to bless their marriage." Right after he said that, out of nowhere a pair of geese flew incredibly close to the ceremony site. The Rabbi then went on to say that he was writing a book called "It can't all be coincidence" and he made it a point to tell Kim and Mark that they just made it into the book!

The photoshoot and reception were both spectacular and went off without a hitch.

This wedding was the first wedding that I used our new camera system. The Canon Rebel T2i gave me the ability to film more creatively and with a much better picture quality then ever before. I am extremely pleased with how the footage came out and I know that this camera is only the beginning for many improvements we are doing to our company. Make sure to follow along as in the next few weeks we will be showcasing some very cool things.