Kayla and Anthony Wedding at Muckenthaler Mansion

“Kayla and Anthony’s quaint wedding at the Muckenthaler Mansion is a step in a new direction for Rustic Red Studio.”

Where to even begin with this blog...so much to say! I really enjoyed both shooting and editing this wedding. Kayla and Anthony were a true joy to meet and work with. Barely into shooting this wedding I knew immediately that it was going to be a different edit all together, and boy I couldn't have been more spot on. This edit marks several firsts for Rustic Red Studio, music style choice, shooting style, color grading, audio mixing, cinestyle ratio, and Magic Lantern hacked firmware and Technicolor Cinestyle color profile on camera, all of which I will address below.

Most Importantly
Before I get to all the uninteresting technical gibberish, let me first talk about what this blog is really about...the marriage of Kayla and Anthony! We got the opportunity to shoot alongside the always amazing photographers of Sweet Monday Photography, April and Lindsey, make sure you check them out! Kayla and Anthony had their wedding at the Mukenthaler Mansion, in Fullerton, CA. Breezy and I got actually got married there several years ago, so it was a flashback to my wedding not too long ago! The yellow color that Kayla had picked was spot on for how the mood for the entire day went, bright, yet cozy and intimate. From the decor to the guests themselves, it was a quaint picture perfect wedding.

Music And Audio

I thought I'd tackle both of these subjects together since they go hand in hand. Kayla sent me some music choices before I started editing and one of them was pure instrumental with no vocals/lyrics. I jumped at the opportunity to make something truly unique and different. Because it didn't have any lyrics it gave me the room to really utilize alot of the audio from the day, speeches, vows, and random captured audio. The audio and music this time around were mixed more to cinema standards. On a technical note, I finally figured out the dB levels to be mixing at and when I did that, everything opened up and went together more smoothly. I hope to be writing a seperate blog soon on the subject, all you need to know is that it sounds more natural and much much better than what I've been doing before.

“it sounds more natural and much much better than what I’ve been doing before.”

Not to say that what I've done before was bad, it is leaps and bounds better than what other videographers are doing. I'm just continually trying to improve on every area I possibly can.

Color Grading, Crop Marks, And Color Profiles, Oh My!
This is going to be a quick and dirty explanation. We've started using a color profile (Technicolor Cinestyle) in the camera's that when we shoot, we get more latitude while doing the color grading in post. This is a huge deal because we are able to get better images and better quality now which is passed along to you guys. We are also shooting with 2.40:1 crop marks in the camera which is forcing us to re-think our composition while shooting, and once again, this ends up being a better looking shot. Additionally on this edit, I finally forced myself to start using a different technique for color grading. After the learning curve, it has proven to make things easier and look much much better.

Hacking The Firmware Of My Camera

Yup I went and did it. I hacked my camera...ok I didn't personally do it, not even close. But utilizing what a few brilliant people have done, has turned my DSLR into a beast of a different kind.

“an incredible addition..”

The hack is called Magic Lantern it enables me to have cropmarks, histographs, full control of the audio, full iso and kelvin increments, higher bitrates, and so much more that I can't even get into here. Once again we've been shooting with this and it is an incredible addition to the cameras. It gives us more flexibly and much higher quality than was previously possible. All of these technical points, I'm going to write separate blogs for to further explain why they are so awesome. But it just so happens that in this edit they all came together for the first time. So if you haven't already, sit back and enjoy this edit!

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