Katie and Justin's Wedding Teaser in La Jolla

“Katie and Justin’s Wedding Teaser in La Jolla, California”

Katie and Justin's wedding was a small intimate gathering of close family and friends. When we booked this wedding I was happy to find out that it was a small intimate backyard wedding. I'm a sucker for the simple weddings that are super close and personal and this wedding was no exception. However what I didn't know is that the backyard sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean. And to top it off, the reception was at another house with a back lawn that lead right to the ocean, also currently owned by the same family.

A World Apart

Justin is from Australia and Katie is from here in southern California, but they met in St. Thomas in the Caribbean. Katie was on vacation, while Justin was enjoying some time off while the boat he was working on was in port.

...it was both amazing and breathtakingly beautiful.

Story has it that as Justin's boat was going from port to port, Katie's travel plans happen to coincide. Now whether those plans were made after the fact or not, was never made quite clear. Regardless, its quite an amazing story of how the two first met.

The night ended with almost a fairy tale ending (aka the movie "Tangled"). All the guests made their way down onto the lower lawn and lit giant paper lanterns and watched them slowly float into the sky. Quite honestly it was both amazing and breathtakingly beautiful.

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