Kate and Eric Wedding at Temecula Creek Inn

“Kate and Eric’s Wedding at the serene Temecula Creek Inn will make you feel like a part of their family.”

When we first showed up to shoot this wedding, I knew that it was going to be a good day. The weather was down right perfect and the moment I walked into the bridal suite it just felt right. Throughout the day as I got to really know Kate and Eric and their family, I got to see how closely knit each family was with each other.

From Boston To Temecula
When I first heard that Kate and Eric were from Boston and were going to have their wedding in Temecula, I was both excited and sad. I was excited because I always enjoy hearing different accents from around the world, even if they only from Boston. But I was sad, because I wanted to shoot their wedding in Boston... :( In the end however, I am truly glad that I was able to capture their wedding for them regardless of location. It was not only a joy to shoot, but an absolute joy to put together.

Some Technical Rigmarole
I actually had to look up "rigmarole" to make sure it meant what I thought it meant...

    rig·ma·role Noun /ˈrig(ə)məˌrōl/
  1. A lengthy and complicated procedure.
  2. A long, rambling story or statement.

So enough of the rigmarole on the word rigmarole. I experimented with something a bit different on this edit, the use of different ratios and seemingly different film/video mediums. Reason being, I wanted certain elements to really suck you in, to make them feel larger than life. If you watch this full screen you will really know what I'm talking about. I jump between the cinema 2.40:1 ratio and the now home standard "widescreen" of 16x9 or 1.77:1.

Knowledge Bomb Dropped

Some would say that the cinema ratio is loosing part of the image, the top and bottom. That would be the case if I was just cropping off the top and the bottom, but I actually shoot with that ratio, so I gain more area on the sides.

“makes it more intimate and heightens the emotion”

So with the 2.40:1 ratio I am able to really capture more of what is going on. Then when I switch to the 16x9 ratio, it really feels up close and personal, it makes it more intimate and heightens the emotion of that area of the short film.

Secondly I changed the color grading of the 16x9 content to somewhat emulate a more vintage approach to film, so instead of the big budget 35mm film I was going for more of the 16mm film. So using these differences for a purpose was really the key to the success of this edt. Of course I couldn't have done it with out the amazing content that makes up the story.

But the use of these mediums to further the story was something I hadn't really thought about before and I'm really glad I decided to try it out.

Family, Family, Family
This wedding was a really small and intimate wedding, since they were from Boston, only family and really close friends were able to attend the wedding. However they did have a reception back in Boston after the wedding and this short film was featured for all the guests who weren't able to make the actual wedding. I have a feeling that those that were in attendance that night were able to really feel like the were a part of the wedding day.

End With A Call To Action
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