Kate and Dan Wedding Highlights

“Kate and Dan’s Marvelous Midwest Marriage”

Kate and Dan were married at the beautiful St. Ray’s Catholic Church in Joliet, IL. When Dan first contacted us we were super stocked to shoot outside of California. As beautiful as California can be, each and every other place around this country all hold a beauty of their own. And we love traveling around the country and capturing what each place has to offer.


While shooting Kate getting ready, she asked me, "its probably not as beautiful here [Chicago area] as it is in southern California, right?" My answer to her was quite surprising.

...that particular day was gorgeous, it was perfect...

Even though the weather is more consistent in parts of California, Southern California isn't nearly as green and lush as it is in the midwest. So in quite a contrast, that particular day was gorgeous, it was perfect. Honestly it looked and felt more beautiful than in California.

On a slight side note, I tried out a new color grading technique with this piece. For Kate, colors were bright, vibrant, and teal. For Dan the colors were dull, muted, and orange/brown.

But when they were together, I blended the two pallets and had the colors be bright, but the whites weren't as bright and the darks and blacks were more a greyish brown.

I don't normally apply such detail to a wedding video, but hey, why not!

Congrats to Kate and Dan!

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