Karra and Joel Hawaii Wedding Trailer

“Karra and Joel’s Tropical Wedding Trailer”

Karra and Joel live in Hawaii. When they contacted us to shoot their wedding, to them it wasn't a destination wedding. They just happened to live on an amazingly beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say we said, "Yes, of course we would love to shoot your wedding!"

Hawaii or Bust

When you shoot a destination wedding, part of what you want to capture is the essence of the location so the couple can remember it forever. But when your couple lives at the destination, to them it is normal.

I chose to shoot and tell the story at hand...

So for the majority of the wedding day, I treated it just like any other wedding. I chose to shoot and tell the story at hand, and not have it be about the location. Did this stop me from shooting some pretty epic stuff of the island on my own time...of course not!

The wedding itself was pretty epic in and of itself and didn't need any tropical scenery to make it stand out. Karra and Joel were amazing to work with and we are so incredibly blessed to have worked with them.

Congrats to Karra and Joel!

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