Jordyan and Peter Short Film

“Jordyan and Peter’s Wedding Short Film Like No Other”

This wedding day went from awesome to more awesome. Both Jordyan and Peter we a joy to work with and we were really glad we had the opportunity to capture their wedding day. With that said, this edit sets a new precedent for how we approach our story telling with regards to weddings.

More Cinematic

The story telling ability of Rustic Red Studio, we believe, is what really sets us apart from most other wedding videographers. We edit in a way that make you feel like, on some level, you know these people. We want you to get emotionally attached to our couples.

This particular edit, the song choice made a big difference in how we told the story. We went with a very cinematic soundscape that didn't have any vocals. This gave us the ability to really use the dialogue we recorded throughout the day to really shine and tell the story. The swells and change of theme in the music really played a huge part in how we were able to shape the overall edit.

We want you to get emotionally attached to our couples.

We are always pushing our story telling ability and trying to further pull emotion out of our edits. We like the direction this has us going and we hope you guys do to! Oh and check out their trailer here: Jordyan and Peter Wedding Trailer

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"Rise (Snowfall Remix)" by Tony Anderson licensed through The Music Bed

Archival Footage Used under Creative Commons License and Public Domain License:
- Telenews Digest (1948)