Jessica and Scott Wedding Trailer

“Jessica and Scott’s Wedding Trailer. An Epic Wedding of Movie Proportion”

Scott and his family have been friends with my wife since she was a little girl. Needless to say, when I heard he was getting married, I knew we were shooting their wedding. Scott has a history with movies so I thought it would be appropriate to edit a quick trailer with epic movie trailer music.


My friend Zach, who is also the brother-in-law of Scott, was both part of the groom's party and the photographer.

I'm super glad we got to shoot this wedding and be a part of their day.

I was about to head to where the groomsmen were getting ready and Zach called me and told me he'd shoot some footage for me on his 5DII. I said, "sure!" That was the first time that I had let anybody else shoot anything for me that I hadn't personally trained. But I knew it was going to be some good stuff because Zach is an amazing photographer! (Shameless plug here:

Jessica and Scott are both a pleasure to be around so shooting this wedding was a lot of fun. I'm super glad we got to shoot this wedding and be a part of their day. I'm even more excited to give them this amazing trailer to hold them over until I can finish their full edit.

Congrats to Jessica and Scott!

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