Jennifer and Marcus Wedding at the Darlington House

“Jennifer and Marcus’s Wedding Highlights at the Darlington House”

Jennifer and Marcus were married at the stunning Mary, Star of the sea church in La Jolla, California. They followed up the ceremony at the unique and gorgeous Darlington House. Both Jennifer and Marcus were fun to be around and we are so happy to give them this video of their day.


If we shot 10 weddings at the same venue, we'd wind up with 10 completely different videos. Every couple is different, the day is arranged differently, the atmosphere is always different.

...almost always dictates how we edit...

Sure two people are getting married, that's usually the same, but even how that is done is different every time.

We stress to our couples before they even book us that we edit their video different from couple to couple. No two videos are the same.

The point being that the context of the day, the couple, the events, almost always dictates how we edit, the choice in music selection.

Just because a couple wants there edit to be fun and upbeat, there is only so much we can do if the day was more slow and serious.

But what does that all have to do with Jennifer and Marcus you ask? Well, they were both fun and outgoing. Both the wedding party and the guests were all there to have a good time and it showed. So we had fun with the edit.

Congrats to Jennifer and Marcus!

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"Oh My Stars (Merlin Remix)" by Andrew Belle licensed through The Music Bed.