Erica and Brian Wedding Highlights

“Erica and Brian’s Wedding at the Sherwood Country Club”

After being married at the beautiful St. Mary Magdalene Church, Erica and Brian celebrated their marriage with family and friends at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.

Highs and Lows

Erica and Brian were both amazing to work with and we had a blast shooting their wedding.

Recently I've been shooting what's called High Dynamic Range Video. Thanks to Magic Lantern, I'm able to expose for the highlights so all the brights don't get blown out, and I can expose for the shadows so it isn't just pure black. After a bit of processing I'm left with an image that has a lot of Dynamic Range. The picture you see above is one such shot. I'm able to see both Erica and Brian at the same time I see that there is a blue sky in the background. I'm not using it to shoot extremes but rather to expand my dynamic range so I can get better shots. It does take a little longer to set up, shoot, and process, but in the end its well worth it.

Enjoy this video and congrats to Erica and Brian!

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"Wrapped Up In Love" by Marie Hines licensed through The Music Bed.