Eileen and Aaron Short Film

“Eileen and Aaron’s wedding short film is a must watch!”

When Eileen and Aaron contacted us to shoot their wedding and mentioned that it was going to be on a yacht, we said, "yes, please!" After getting ready at the Hyatt, the whole wedding party headed down to the Electra Cruises located right next to the beach in Newport Beach, CA. We were also happily surprised to see Sandy and Kris at the wedding as Aaron and Kris went to college together.

Troubled Waters
There were several factors of shooting on a boat that made things a bit difficult for us, however once we understood what they were, we were able to work with them to really benefit Eileen and Aaron.

Motion, Lighting, and Audio were all things that were constantly changing and could not exactly be relied upon. The boat though having stabilizers, made a constant vibration from the motor that made some shots really hard to pull off. The boat also turned in different directions several times which made the light source, aka the sun, move during a shot. And lastly the sound of the motor and all the other boats in the area all contributed to the ceremony toast being a little more work to clean it all up. But it wouldn't be any fun if there weren't challenges now would it?

Full Page Ad
We will be printing this full page ad in an up and coming wedding magazine called Wedding Style. Eileen just happened to have her wedding around the time that we needed to make the full page spread and I was able to pull a shot from the video that fit our companies image perfectly. Amazing how that works out sometimes, right?

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