Destination Wedding Shoot in the Caribbean

“Whole Heaps Of Lots Of Fun...And Some Work Too”

We don't get out much here at Rustic Red Studio. When we aren't shooting, we are in the studio editing. And we pretty much shoot most of our weddings within driving range of where we live. So when a destination wedding came in to being for us, I thought it would be a good idea to document it. But like most things I plan, they don't go according to plan. Instead of doing a behind the scenes look at how we shot the destination wedding, all I was left with was getting there and getting back. I like a challenge so I sat down to edit this into something fun that everybody can enjoy, so enjoy!

True Blend Of Formats

Most of the walking around part of the trip was shot with a GoPro Hero 2.

There was heavy use of sound effects...

I used it mostly because its small, barely noticeable, and most importantly I didn't have to focus it. I hooked a shotgun mic up to it to do the self-interviews which worked out pretty well.

Mixed in with the rest of the edit was DSLR footage and stills. To get them all to match I just had to grade them appropriately and I was set.

The audio was a big part of this edit. The music I got from the Vimeo Music Store, and I just happened to pick free songs! Score! There was heavy use of sound effects because I couldn't really use the audio from the GoPro, which I didn't mind doing because it made it that much better.

Family Is Important

Part of the reason we don't do a lot of destination weddings is we really miss our kids when we are away. Just in the week we were gone from them seemed like an eternity and no wedding or destination, no matter how epic, can ever replace time spent with our children. Does this mean we won't be doing any more destination weddings? Nope, we will still do them, however we will try to keep them to a minimum because that isn't important to us, our family is.

Eventually I'll be sending out the couple's edit, which you'll get to check out. But for now, enjoy what lay before your eyes!

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//"Summer Song" by YACHT
//"Quittin' Time" by Patrick Lee
Licensed through Vimeo.