Danielle and Matt Wedding Highlights

“Danielle and Matt’s Grand Wedding”

Danielle and Matt's wedding was nothing short of breathtaking. They were married at the beautiful and intimate St. Mary Chapel in La Jolla, California. The celebration of their marriage followed at the gorgeous The Grand Del Mar, in Del Mar, California. Family and friends surrounded them with love and nothing short of full support of their amazing day.

Love Never Fails

No matter what our own ambitions, goals, or plans are, love usually wins in the end. Danielle and Matt have a love that conquered all and they are an example to others of what love can be.

...love usually wins in the end.

Their wedding day tops most and had a reception to prove it.

Upon walking into the reception all, you are instantly struck with wonder and awe as you look around the room. The refinement and beauty that went into every detail was nothing short of amazing.

This edit is a glimpse into their amazing day!

Congrats to Danielle and Matt!

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