Crystal and Richard Wedding Highlights

“Crystal and Richard’s Wedding Highlights at Highland Springs Resort”

To say that this day couldn't have been more beautiful would be an understatement. The weather, people, and reason for being at the Highland Springs Resort in Cherry Valley, California were all top notch and we are super excited to show you this highlight video.

Endless beauty

Highland Springs Resort by far is my favorite place to shoot and every time I go there I find some other area of the resort that I haven't seen and it raises the bar on how awesome this place is.

...Crystal and Richard were a joy to be around...

Crystal and Richard picked the perfect place for their wedding day, we were able to walk around pretty much anywhere and get gorgeous shots.

Both Crystal and Richard were a joy to be around and they demonstrated an amazing amount of love for each other. Those that were around them were affected by that love and it just poured out into the rest of the day.

Congrats to Crystal and Richard! Oh and check out their Trailer here.

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