Chi-yi and Albert's Wedding in San Francisco

“Chi-yi and Albert’s Wedding Like No Other”

When approached by Chi-yi and Albert, we were super excited to be shooting their wedding. As an added perk, it was in iconic San Francisco! Chi-yi and Albert we amazing to work with and we are super blessed to have been a part of the day. And even though we didn't understand a word of the ceremony, speeches, or any dialogue that happened during the reception, we felt right at home and captured what was needed.

Not Lost In Translation

When it came to edit this wedding, we were presented with a few problems that we hadn't initially anticipated. The software we were relying upon to do the translation, didn't have Mandarin as a translation option.

With the patience of Albert, he took it upon himself to translate all of the spoken dialogue for the ceremony and speeches. What we got back from him was English with timestamps of each sentence.

We were presented with a few problems

We then edited all of the dialogue in a text editor and then cut the video to the timestamps of the text we had chosen. Though that sounds easy it was much more difficult than we care to elaborate. :)

As each section of video was cut we put a layer of text with it so we could remember what was said. After the entire video was done and exported, we then had to hand type the subtitles in another program and attach them to the video so you can conveniently turn them on and off.

Needless to say, we have a new respect for people that deal with subtitles in movies.

The end result after all that work is phenomenal. Personally, we like to watch the video with the subtitles off, you still get the raw emotion of the edit, and you can see the passion and love that Chi-yi and Albert have for each other.

Congrats Chi-yi and Albert!

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