Cara and Kai Wedding Trailer at the Admiral Kidd Club

“Cara and Kai’s Wedding With Honor, Courage, And Commitment”

Cara and Kai were married at the scenic Admiral Kidd Club in San Diego, California. With an amazing background of the San Diego skyline, Cara and Kai committed themselves to each other in front of family and friends.

Honor, Courage, Commitment, And Cara

If somebody was to observe Kai for a short time, they would see a solid, level headed, straight faced marine.

He melts in to a joyous, love filled, and compassionate person.

But in drastic contrast to that is how he acts when Cara is around. He melts in to a joyous, love filled, and compassionate person. We swear that Kai could not stop smiling when around Cara. It was a smile and love that showed his true emotions for Cara. Honestly it was inspiring and amazing to watch.

Cara and Kai have an amazing future ahead of them.

We are so glad were were able to be there. And when Kai is far away defending this country, our hope is that their videos will be a reminder of their love for each other and to keep them strong.

Kai and Cara, thank you both for your service and sacrifice for this country.

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