Caitlin and Pieter Wedding Highlights

“Caitlin and Pieter’s Wedding, A World Apart”

Caitlin and Pieter were married at the Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita, California. The two of them could not have been more perfect for each other. They both had a joy for each other that was unique and endearing. We are really blessed that we were able to capture their special day for them.

Technology and Love

Pieter is from South Africa, Caitlin happened to have found him via the internet. It is more and more common place to hear of people finding their true love on the internet.

...finding their true love on the internet.

But what's really amazing is that Caitlin and Pieter took it a step farther and spanned the distance to half way around the world. It makes sense really, you can skip the getting to know somebody randomly and choose them by similarities. Of course its not that simple and real love can't ever be formulated or predicted, but it does't hurt to get a little bit of help in an ever increasingly large world.

We hope you enjoy this edit. Who knows maybe it will inspire you to go out there and find your true love!

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