Best Proposal Video Ever

Well we finally did it, we shot a proposal video. But of course we couldn't do normal could we? Apparently many years ago, in one of the first weddings we shot, was a man named Hugo. He was the best man to Andrew. He was familiar with our work and just had to have us shoot his proposal video. He came to us a few months ago and shot us a couple of ideas. We were so excited to work with him on this that we just had to do it. The only catch was they live in Texas and we live in California. But luckily for the the both of us, they were coming out here to attend a wedding. So Hugo snuck away for a day and we were able to shoot all that we needed.

The Idea

We are not in the business of shooting proposal videos, but with that said, when this opportunity came along, we couldn't say no.

We are not in the business of shooting proposal videos...

Hugo came to us with many wild and crazy ideas over the course of a few weeks and it was clear that he wanted something special, something unique. He didn't know how he wanted to propose, but he knew that he wanted to.

So in typical Rustic Red Studio fashion, we did things a bit different than your normal proposal video. So I took everything that he was telling me and made that into this video. It's really about him trying to come up with a way to propose but realizing its not the way that he proposes that matters. For it was really just about asking the woman he loved to spend the rest of her life with him.

Technically then the video was about him deciding that he doesn't need a video...don't worry it took me a while to wrap my head around that one too.

The Proposal

When it came down to the actual proposal, Hugo decided that they would simply be alone together. He wanted to show her the video on his tv, so he came up with the excuse that they needed to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to "prepare" themselves for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 that they were going to go see later that evening. In order to make it more authentic, I put in a trailer of one of their favorite movies, "The Fast and The Furious", when the DVD started up. But then after a minute into the trailer it "malfunctioned" and his proposal video started. Needless to say Sanaz had no idea what was going on and was without words for quite a while.

(Pictured above) Screenshot of the trailer "malfunctioning".

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