Audrey and Dominic Costa Rica Wedding

“Audrey and Dominic’s Costa Rica Wedding”

Audrey and Dominic's was an action packed adventure in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. They were right on the coast in the eclectic developing surf town of Santa Teresa. Close family and friends joined them on this once in a lifetime adventure of fun, romance, and memories


Audrey and Dominic planned their entire wedding from the California, not stepping foot in Costa Rica until their plane touched down full of their family and friends. There is a lot that can go wrong in a wedding, a lot of coordination is in involved.

...everyday was flawless!

And to add to that moving 30 people around from location to location takes an immense amount of skill and talent. Needless to say everyday was flawless!

Audrey and Dominic have a solid relationship that their marriage is built on. They have stepped through to a new chapter in their lives as the two of them have become one.

Audrey and Dominic were a amazing to be around and we were so blessed and honored to have taken part in their amazing day.

This edit is a glimpse into their amazing day!

Congratulations to Audrey and Dominic!

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