Amanda and Nicholas Wedding in Fallbrook, California

“Amanda and Nichola’s Wedding with Divine Blessing”

Amanda and Nicholas were married at the Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Fallbrook, California. Both Amanda and Nicholas now hold the record for the youngest couple I have shot for (Amanda 18 and Nicholas 20), but don't let their age fool you! These two are leaps and bounds beyond most couples when it comes to the maturity of their relationship.

A God Centered Relationship

Amanda and Nicholas are currently going to ministry school and they have also both been on several mission trips accomplishing amazing things.

...God is a part of their relationship.

Most if not all the people in attendance were 100% behind them and for good reason, they can see the work that God has done in their relationship. But most importantly, they can see that God is a part of their relationship.

Just being witness to the entire day, I felt blessed and honored to simply be there, not to mention capture this amazing moment in their lives. It's weddings like theirs that makes me love and appreciate my own wife more and more.

As encouragement to others as well as myself, if you are in a Christian marriage, seek out God to be with the both of you. Pray with your spouse...daily. And crack open the Bible and just read. You will start to see amazing things happen, trust me on this one!

(Pictured above) Not to be outdone by the lady folk always getting makeup shots, Nicholas wanted to get his chapstick prep documented.

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