Rustic Red Studio's New Website

Whew, this was a long time coming! I've been patiently waiting for this site to be up and running. This is merely a formal introduction to our new site design.

Before I tell you about the new site, it would be daft of me to to not explain the old one and how we arrived at today.

When we first started this site we didn't have any content to really make the site robust. So I designed it with future content in mind, but I did what everybody else does as far as presentation. This time around I had plenty of content to work with, to really utilize. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to make it much easier to find what you were looking for and quick.

The Front Page
This is a bare bones page that only has the content you need when you first visit the site.

A much cleaner approach to showing you our prices. In the second phase of this new design, you'll be getting a comparison chart so you can see quickly and easily the differences between the packages we offer.

This portion of the site I feel is extremely important and I want to have a single place where you can quickly find the video you are looking for.
Look for some more changes coming soon.

This is a new section and a much needed section. Soon will be the addition of video reviews.

This is the central focus of the site and I wanted to try something a little different. Instead of being your traditional blog layout, I wanted to give you what you want in a small condensed form to speed up browsing through all the blog posts.

We are growing as a company and this page needs to reflect that. Soon will be more cohesive photos between the three of us.

Simple contact page with a QR code so you can scan and store our contact info for later use.

RSS Feeds
Finally! Working RSS feeds! For the longest time I couldn't get the videos to embed into the feeds and I didn't want to release the feeds until they were perfect. You can subscribe by RSS or e-mail your choice.

Where would we be with out Facebook? Much better off probably, but as long as its there I'll utilize it. We now have a comment box there on the right side where ever a blog can be found. Or if you leave a comment below you can sign in with FB whichever you choose! But be sure to leave a comment either way.

So that's a simple over view of the new site, there are still some amazing things coming that I can't wait to release! Let me know what you think of the site and be sure and let me know if something isn't working right!

Thank you guys for your support and I look forward to what this company will be doing in the future.

Oh, and I haven't been posting anything on here because I've been working on the site, so look for a bunch of blogs soon.