Magazine and Print Layout on the Web

What? Technology and Developer Stuff on a Wedding Website?

This is an introduction to our new blog layout and future site features. Over the course of the next few months we'll be implementing a few sweet features that will really make this website much more enjoyable to visit. Though it will be a work in progress, I wanted to roll-out a piece of the concept ahead of time. Columns!

Newspaper, Magazines, and Print Layout...Oh My!

I've always been inspired and amazed at magazine and print layouts. Though it wouldn't be feasible for me to do a full blown magazine layout for each blog, I can take a few features and implement them to make each blog post look unique. I've always wanted to display a webpage to mimic how a magazine looks, but until recently this hasn't been an easy task.

Thankfully technology has caught up and I am able to put in a few features that make this blog look a tad bit better. Headers, sub-headers, columns, quotes, and images can add a lot to an article and really engage the readers.

But you don't see all those things together on the web like you do in print, why is that? A lot of it probably has to do with the attention span of people on the internet, which statistically is almost zero.

"I've always been inspired and amazed at magazine and print layouts."

Text Goes HereBut the same can be said for the print world. How often do you just flip through a magazine but never get farther than looking at the pictures? Its only when the layout grabs your attention or the actual article peaks your interest do you dive in more.

CSS3 and HTML5

By using technology to spice up my blogs I can present my content in a much more pleasing way. CSS and HTML are the language that most of the internet is built upon. It is how you are able to view and interact with websites. By utilizing new standards and practices, I'm able to do things that before were too complicated, time consuming, or impossible to implement. CSS3 and HTML5 are full of new and exciting things that when used right can produce some amazing things. There are a bunch of nerdy terms I can throw around but what really matters is that you the end user get some pretty sweet things headed your way in the near future. The columns you see is this first step that I'm taking to ultimate blog domination. Columns seem like they should have worked before now right? In a sense they did, but not in a practical or supported manner. Regardless, they are here now!

If you can't see what I'm talking about, you're not holding it right

Not all browsers are created equal. Right now this added flair can only be seen on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and any other browser that supports CSS3 and the webkit/moz code. What that means is that right now Internet Explorer is can't see all the cool little tweaks I've done and will do.

"you can't please everybody all the time."

Also if you are reading this via rss feed or any other means short of my website, all the code is striped out and all you get is plain boring text.So if it doesn't work for everybody why do it? Statistically for me, Internet Explorer users that visit my site take up less than 10% of my traffic. Yes I track your every move when visiting my site. So that just means that only 10% of people that view my site don't get to fully experience everything that I offer. Though I would like it to be 100% you can't please everybody all the time.

Take for example, you go to the movie theater, but you show up a few minutes before the movie starts and the only seats you get are in the front row on the edge of the row. Do you think your experience will be the same as if you were halfway back in the middle of the row?You see the same movie, in the end you get the same result, but your experience while viewing it is different than if you had the best seat in the house.

What does this all mean?
This entire blog probably is meaningless to most who follow Rustic Red Studio, however I swim in technology and try to always implement cool new things that benefit the end user, aka you. So what this means for you is, a better experience when you are here, more interactive and intuitive features, and most importantly you can brag to your friends that you go to a website that is amazing...oh wait, that's just wishful thinking :)

Now to all of you who work or know about print, this isn't all there yet. Just baby steps for me, one thing at a time...

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