Alex and Josh Wedding Highlights

“Alex and Josh’s wedding marks yet another first for Rustic Red Studio.”

Another wedding, another amazing edit! The day that we stop pushing the envelope for ourselves is the day we need to stop shooting weddings. And this wedding is no exception. Alex and Josh were an amazing couple to work with and we are very happy that we were able to provide them with a tangibly visual way to remember their wedding day forever.

A Meaningful Speech
Out of the countless toasts and speeches that I've heard over the years, the most meaningful ones almost always come from the father of the bride. Alex's father had such impactful words that I just had to use them and they almost narrate the days events. Almost equally impressive was the Matron of Honor's speech, she had cooked up the perfect recipe of a speech and delivered it flawlessly. It ended with her and another bridesmaid singing acapella the entire song by Marvin Gaye "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".

Color, What You See And What You Don't

The color grading is one of the pieces to the editing process that really make our work stand out from the rest. I always take a lot of time to really make it fit how the day went to and to make it really look like it should belong in theaters. I really enjoy the color grading process as it takes it from an ok image to something that is far more incredible than I would have thought possible. I'm always amazed at the final result and I enjoy passing that amazement onto others. At the end of the day, no matter how much time and effort I spend on making it look "right", if the edit is terrible, or the audio isn't mixed right, I've only gotten one piece of the puzzle right.

“make it really look like it should belong in theaters”

To say all the pieces of the puzzle are equal is an understatement and something a lot of other videographers either don't understand, or don't care about.

Location, Location, Location!
When we showed up to the house that Alex was getting ready at, I was quite inspired to shoot everything. Not that I had time, or that it was necessarily, but everything around me was just so beautiful. So I got the important pieces that I felt would help and develop the story and had to restrain myself from getting the shots that would look really cool but serve no purpose what so ever. So if you ever get the chance to watch me shoot a wedding you'll notice several things. The first being, I don't shoot the same way every time. What I mean by that is, I've often shot at the same venue, with the same vendors. But what looked awesome and worked well for one couple, doesn't have the same meaning for the second couple. It also serves the second couple to know that I'm not just getting a shot that worked well the first time. I challenge myself to be better than that, to be unique in what I do.

The second thing you'll notice is that I don't always shoot all the elements like a checklist I'm going through. I find what was important to the couple and I shoot that. If something isn't that important to the couple then why should I waste their time shooting it and putting it in the edit, when I could take that time and focus it on what is important?

Its More Than Just Listening

Audio has always been important to us here at Rustic Red Studio. It is what really sets us apart from all the other wedding videographers.

“ sound so much more natural”

Recently we started mixing our audio levels to movie standards which has really made the audio and dialogue sound so much more natural.We've always mixed our audio separate from our video editing program but now we are taking it to a new level. (no pun intended :)) At first you may think that we just turned down the volume on our videos, but it is much more technical than that. Have you ever noticed that when you watch TV then switch to a movie, you have to turn up the volume just to make it sound just as "loud" as the TV show you were just watching?

In short, that is a good thing, and that is what we have done here. So turn up your volume and enjoy!

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