Judie and Z. Wedding Highlights

“Judie and Z.’s Wedding With A Surprise Ending”

Judie and Z. celebrated their wedding at The Ultimate Skybox at Diamondview Tower in San Diego, California. Judie and Z. are a couple that just understand each other. They fit perfectly into each others lives in a way that marriage was the only way they could really complete each other.

Don't Look Down

The view from the reception, modestly put, was breathtaking. As an added bonus there was a baseball game being played where the guests had the best view in the stadium.

Judie and Z....really complete each other.

Even if you were to take away the spectacular view, the reception was still a night to remember. All those in attendance can attest to the fun and excitement had by all. The reception with family and friends was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Congrats to Judie and Z.!

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