The Villa San Juan Capistrano Photoshoot

"The Villa in San Juan Capistrano is a beautiful hidden cove of pure spectacle"

Recently we were asked to film a photoshoot at The Villa, how could we say no to such a beautiful location and talented people? When we first walked through the huge old wooden gates we were not ready for the lush scenery that lay on the other side. Immediately I started thinking to myself that I wanted to shoot this, and that, oh and that cool thing over there. I was quickly overwhelmed with so much to shoot that I had to take a step back and go to work.

In the beginning

In the typical way, the female models had to go through hair and makeup before getting dressed. This left the male models with nothing to do but to hang out and enjoy the day for a while before getting ready themselves. This was actually good for us because it gave us the freedom to shoot both establishing shots and them getting ready at the same time, which doesn't normally happen during a typical wedding day. Needless to say we were able to really branch out and spend a little more time getting what we needed at a calm pace.

Hurry up and wait
Most weddings I attend are cramped for time and I'm constantly moving and rarely get any downtime to relax during the day. Honestly though should I really? I mean they are paying me to be there right? But this shoot was a bit more relaxed and though I had time to sit and relax I chose instead to spend extra time making sure the shots I was getting were that much better.

The Wrap-up
The day as a whole was very inspiring and I'm glad we got the opportunity to participate in the event. Everyone who was there was fun to be around and I really enjoyed their company. Check out all the vendor below!



  • Alyssa
  • Alex
  • Aaron
  • David
  • Kaylie
  • Nolan
  • Rachel
  • Sarah

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