Selah (Pause • Breathe) - with only one life to live

“This Is My Dad, He Has Cancer.”

We are all going to die at some point. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe in 50 years, we really don't know. Those that are diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease immediately get a different perspective on life. My dad lives in the here and now, making everyday moments count. Will he live past the statistical death rate? Maybe, or he could live for another 20 plus years, or maybe only three.

When you tell stories of those that have passed on, you re-tell stories and sometimes maybe even you can show them something tangible that was passed down to you. This day in age, things are different, very different. I can not only show my children picture or objects, but I can show them video, of my dad living, breathing, talking, and doing something he is passionate about.

Times Are Changing

I currently live 1,347 miles away from my dad. At one point in our lives I hadn't seen or really talked to him for several years. As life rushes past you in a whirlwind of things you think are important, you sometimes need to step back and pause for a moment, take a breathe. Selah.

...pause for a moment, take a breathe. Selah.

My dad recently came to visit us and he asked if he could not only record a song he's been working on but also maybe do a little video of it. I grabbed a camera and a handful of lenses and we hopped in his truck and took off. We found a quiet little place out in the country and I let him do his thing.

We recorded several takes both video and audio and I pieced it all together in post. Non of it was pre-planned and all of it was recorded as it happened.

This piece may not mean as much to you as it does to me, but I thought I'd share it with anybody that cares to watch and listen.

//Technical -
My dad's guitar is a Taylor 810 CE that has the Taylor Expression System™ which includes a Piezoelectric transducer which picks up sound from vibration from the guitar rather than how a microphone picks up sound vibrations from the air. This was super helpful considering we were outside next to a semi-busy country road.

We just sent the signal to my Zoom H4n and recorded away. He recorded a few takes while I ran around him with a video camera and we were done.

In post I synced all the video/audio together in takes and picked out the best sections of audio and cut the video on top of it. It worked way better than I thought it would, mostly due to my dad being super consistent with his playing.

This was a lot of fun for both of us and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to do this for him.

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Follow what my dad is going through over at his blog

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